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Pet Insurance For Bichon Frises

K9 COVER offers comprehensive pet insurance for your Bichon Frise. The Bichon Frise is a small breed of dog that is often referred to as a toy dog. With its white fluffy body and dark eyes they are an excellent, non-threatening family dog with a lovely temperament. The Bichon Frise gets on well with other dogs and any person that it comes into contact with. To ensure your Bichon Frise gets the care they need, make sure you invest in pet insurance. We have a range of options to suit the age and medical history of your dog.

Common Medical Conditions For Bichon Frises

Bichon Frises are healthy dogs that generally have long lifespans. There are still a few health problems to look out for including:

  • hip dysplasia
  • patellar luxation
  • legg-calve-perthes disease
  • ear infections
  • kartagener’s syndrome
Bichon Frise

Switch Your Lifetime Cover

Did you know, you can now switch your existing lifetime policy and maintain cover for pre-existing medical conditions? We insure Bichon Frises up to age 10 for a range of medical conditions. Simply complete our online medical screening.

Typical Claims Costs

According to the Association of British Insurers the average cost of a pet insurance claim in 2022 rose to £771, and the overwhelming number of payouts were to meet veterinary bills. Depending on location, a typical estimate for your dog to have x-rays, an intravenous drip and some painkillers as part of an overnight stay might start from around £1,600. Operations to repair fractures begin at around £950 and for more complicated work such as hip replacement the fee can easily rise to £3,500.