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Specialist insurance for dogs

Pet Insurance For Puppies


Getting a puppy is a wonderful experience. Many dogs come with a short term insurance policy from the breeder which can be useful but wouldn't YOU rather choose who to insure with? This could be a decision you'll have to stick with for the rest of your dog's life and could potentially make thousands of pounds difference.


The premium you pay for insurance depends primarily on your breed, location, your dog's health, and what vet fee limit you require. All of our policies provide lifetime cover which means that each year upon renewal your vet fee limit is reinstated in full. So if you chose an £8,000 limit and made £4,000 in claims during the first year, when you get to renewal you can make another £8,000 in claims the following year, and so on.


Some puppies experience minor conditions, for example a low-grade heart murmur. This usually just needs monitoring but if you purchase insurance or switch insurer after it's been noted on your vet records most insurers will exclude it - along with linked conditions, which depending on their definition could mean anything else related to the heart. K9 Cover is a specialist dog insurer. We can usually cover puppies with pre-existing conditions. We can't cover every scenario but provided you're not awaiting a diagnosis or treatment there's a good chance our screening assessment will provide an option.


Puppies explore the world around them with their mouths. Their bones are flexible but jumping off a bed or ledge that's just a little too high can easily cause damage and as everyone will tell you, veterinary treatment in the UK is not cheap! That's why we suggest you purchase good quality insurance to cover your puppy as soon as possible. Get a pet insurance quote now.



When Should I Start My Policy?


Most breeders only allow you to receive your puppy after 8 weeks. Anything that happens to the puppy until then is the responsibility of the breeder. We suggest you start your policy on the day you collect your puppy. Should circumstances change, you can cancel within 14 days at no cost.


If the date of collection is brought forward just let us know. The only thing we can't do is provide retrospective cover so it's important to tell us on or before the day. This can be a via a message on the existing client section of our website, a voicemail, or an email. So long as we have a record.




How Much Do I Have To Pay When Making A Claim?


With K9 Cover you choose your own policy excess between £100 and £500. The excess is the amount you pay towards a claim and with us you'll only pay one excess per annum. There are some types of claim where an excess doesn't apply but we'll be clear about that during the quote process. We don't apply any co-payment until your dog reaches seven years. 




Will My Premium Rise Next Year If I Make A Claim?


Our renewal process for K9 Cover policyholders is quite sophisticated and looks at the likelihood of any claims reoccurring. Naturally, if you don't make a claim it's very likely that your renewal premium will be the same price as a new client would pay on the website, or sometimes a little bit less as we tend to reward loyalty. We can't make any long term pricing guarantees as inflationary pressures and underwriting influences are outside of our control, but we feel this is the fairest way to reward those who stay with us.